Guaranteed SEO Packages

Risk-Free Cambodia SEO Packages

As a Cambodia SEO Company, we are here to help your website achieve maximum online visibility and ultimately increasing the number of sales and phone calls daily. We are always ready to embark on new SEO Campaigns, and most importantly with our high quality yet effective and competitive SEO Packages starting from as low as $368/month and our guarantee assurance on our Search Engine Optimization services.

We are Different From Others – Guaranteed Proven Results

The idea of our SEO Packages is very simple – which is to provide a solution to your business to not just to increase organic traffic to your website but also with sales conversion. There are many companies out there offering SEO services, but unable to Guarantee you Top 10 (First Page ranking in Google) even after 6 months of service. We are different, we make sure of our standards of our SEO works and that we have in-place a Guarantee service of ranking your keywords within 180 days or we will work FOR FREE without questions asked.

At SEO CAMBODIA we offer SEO Packages that works – Our SEO Services are not just about getting your website ranked to the top, but to bring about quality traffic and conversions.

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Monthly SEO Package VS Pay-As-You-Go SEO Package

The popularity of engaging SEO as part of online advertising method is increasing over the past few years. Hence, competitions with others to sustain your ranking in the top pages of search engines are becoming increasingly difficult.

In lieu with the constant Google search algorithm constant updates, we have been constantly updating ourselves with the constant changes and updates in accordance with the Google Webmaster Guidelines tools. Google has placed more focus on the amount and quality of back-links created as well as the speed in which the back-links are created. No doubt that one-time SEO Package can be useful in improving your ranking result; it can be very harmful to your website reputation as too much back-links have been built pointing to your website within a short frame of time. This in turn can easily cause penalization of your website by Google – Where your ranking can easily drop till nowhere to be seen.

Search Engine Optimization requires continual balanced effort process; no “One-time SEO Package” is capable in bringing your website ranking to the top with just a one-time payment package. In fact in many instances, thousands of spammy links are built from these packages which do no good to your website at all – wasting your money with no results delivered.

This is the reason for our monthly SEO Packages, where SEO Campaigns are handled professionally – To ensure that all quality back-links created are of a scheduled basis, with the ultimate goal of improving our clients’ ranking. We provide a Performance Guarantee on our SEO Services so as to ensure the success of all SEO Campaigns/Projects we embark on, to provide our clients a piece of mind.

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Google Cambodia / Geographic Targeting

Over the past few years, Google has been the leading search engine and is well known throughout the whole world. That is how the phrase, “Google is your best friend” is derived. We have done several clients’ studies, and results proved that huge majority of search results for relevant optimized keywords come from Google search engine. That explains why we are putting all SEO efforts into Google search engine only.

Reasons for Geographic Targeting of SEO Services

  1. A direct appeal to your targeted customers
    Potential customers who are interested in the products/services you sell in Cambodia will be able to locate your website. Similarly, you will be able to build better trust and confidence with your customers as your business is local based.
  2. Cost effective SEO Approach campaigns
    If you run a business in Cambodia, definitely the first interested group of prospect customers would be those residing in Cambodia. The costs of SEO Campaigns in Cambodia would also be more cost-efficient and practical.
  3. Long Term ROI achieved
    When you have your SEO Campaigns in place, all the ranking improvements via SEO are permanent, and they keep working to promote your website for you. Your website will be seen by millions, 24/7, 365 days a year.

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SEO Cambodia Packages, From $368/month

We keep our SEO Packages Prices transparent, with the basic SEO Package starting from $368/month. Be it small or big business firms, these packages will be suitable, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Many of our clients have requested to build even more backlinks per month, and they do not mind paying more above the normal SEO Package rates. Unfortunately, we strongly encourage our clients not to rush when it comes to website ranking.

Due to SEO being a complex process and with the recent Penguin and Panda updates, Google has placed more focus on quality links and the timeframe in which backlinks are built. Your website will appear very unnatural should thousands of backlinks are built to your website within a short timeframe, and this can be very damaging to your site reputation. Hence, the initial timeframe of 3 months are always recommended for you to witness your site going up to Top 10 of Google Cambodia search engine.