Our SEO Approach

SEO Project Analysis

As mentioned, SEO is not a one or two day thing and ranking does not appear overnight. SEO Project Analysis is required so as to allow us to further understand our clients’ needs and requirements. We will then fix together the perfect SEO proposal and approach for our clients.
Quality, Affordable and Competitive SEO Approach

We only use “white-hat” SEO technique approach to assist our clients in ranking. “Black-hat” methods are condemned, as “black-hat” method will risk our clients’ website to be banned and penalized by search engines. Remember, at SEO CAMBODIA we work on a long term SEO business relationship goal with our clients.

We are not going to explain much on the technical terms, but basically in a nutshell our SEO Approach will consist of the following stages:

  1. Keywords Research & Analysis
  2. On-page Optimization
  3. Off-page Optimization (Link Building activites)
  4. Monitoring & Statistics Reporting

Keywords Research & Analysis

Keywords Research & Analysis is an extremely important process in SEO, to ensure your SEO Campaign brings about a return-on-investment. We will need to know how customers are able to find you, so as to identify the keywords & phrases for ranking. In this stage, primary and related phrases keywords will be recommended so as to achieve the diversification of niche related keywords that consumers may search for any products/services.

Many of times people select keywords based on the volume of searches, thinking the more volume the better the keyword for selection. However in order to increase your sales lead and conversions, one should focus on the keywords that will convert the best. Always remember, it would be better to rank first on Page 1 for keyword that gives 1000 searches per month, than to rank on Page 2 for 10,000 searches per month.

Factors that will be taken into consideration for selection will include:

  • Competitiveness of keywords
  • Key Effective Index (KEI) – High number of search with low competition
  • Competitors’ analysis

On-page Optimization

On-page optimization refers to adjustments done within your website. These include the adjustments of keyword density so as to ensure over-optimization of keywords will not occur. Changes to Page Titles, right Meta Keywords Tags, Meta Descriptions and URLs will also be recommended if required.

Off-page Optimization (Link Building activities)

At this stage, link building activites will be conducted for the formation of back-links to your website. Back-links contribute 70% to the success of SEO. High quality back-links will be created pointing to your website, and you will start witnessing SERP improvements.

Monitoring & Statistics Reporting

SEO CAMBODIA Team will provide monthly ranking reports to our clients, to keep them updated about the status of their SEO Project. We will also continue to monitor, and to ensure that the SEO plan is in place.