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We are a results based SEO Company and we totally understand how essential and important online visibility is for businesses and companies in today’s corporate climate. The usage of Internet technology is increasing every day, and it’s hard to deny that the online website presence of your business can be advantageous. Thousands of people are searching to find your website because they want to purchase your products/services which you offer, are your targeted consumers able to find you at the top of organic search engine results?

The process of Search Engine Optimization is to allow your website to achieve a high placement in organic search results when customers search for keyword search terms that are relevant to your products/services that you are selling. SEO is part of an Internet Marketing advertising method, as it generates high ROI (Return on Investment) when high traffic is driven to your website. What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Marketing”?

When you start a business, awareness has to be created so as to let your targeted audience know about your business – about the products and services that you are selling. This is called Marketing. You may have a beautiful and professional website, but without SEO are you able to generate relevant traffic to your website? No, nobody will know about your business.

In today’s Internet Marketing world, there are several advertising methods that include via Social Media, Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and lastly the most preferred and inexpensive method – Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Overview – SEO Services


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Keyword Research

Before we can commence on a SEO Project, selection of keywords for ranking have to be done so that we can bring targeted traffic to your business website. Selection will be based on factors such as KEI (Key Effective Index), competition of keywords as well as your competitors’ analysis. Definitely, keywords ranging from high to low competition will be recommended to you for your perusal and selection.


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SEO Project Commencement

After selection of keywords, we will proceed with On-page/off-page optimization. On-page optimization is adjustments done within the website, whilst off-page optimization refers to link- building activities where backlinks to your website are created to rank your website.


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See SERP Improvements

Begin witnessing great SERP improvements for low-medium competition keywords from as quickly as within a month to two. At SEO CAMBODIA, we give our 100% efforts for every SEO Project that we handle, on top of our Guaranteed SEO Services that we have in place.


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Backlinks Contributes To the Success of a SEO Campaign

Basically when we talk about SEO, 70% of the successes of a SEO Campaign highly depend on the quality of backlinks built, and not the quantity. Due to the constant changes in the Google algorithm, focus has been placed on the actual quality and time in which back-links are built to a particular website.

When it comes to ranking, generally there are 2 methods in description – “White-Hat SEO Method” and “Black-Hat SEO Method”. “White-Hat method” refers to links that are built naturally with relevance. Basically, these are the back-links that can sustain, improve and maintain your website ranking permanently. We use ONLY “white-hat” method in compliance with Google Webmaster Guidelines, “black-hat” methods are highly condemned by SEO CAMBODIA.

When a particular website is found suspicious, they will be “black-listed” and will be penalized and banned when the next update is rolled out. This often happens when thousands of backlinks are built to a website monthly – which we generally meant as “black-hat” method with bad backlinks.

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SEO – Your Primary Internet Marketing Method

We witness the rise in Social Media Marketing in today’s technology, where several businesses are advertising via online social media platforms like Facebook Twitter etc.

We do not deny the facts of the potential increase in Social Media Advertising; however we would like to explain why SEO is the preferred primary online advertising method first compared to Social Media Advertising:

  1. Social Media – Do you think more people are here in social platforms to socialize, or to look for products/services solutions?
  2. Social Media advertising –Expensive approach with lower ROI than SEO as SEO work for you whole day long.
  3. Visitors use the search engines for fast solution to their problems/inquiry.
  4. Social Media advertising – Works similarly to Pay-per-click ads. Visitors have to click on your ad and “Like” your Facebook Page first before they know about your company. Or do they like for sake of liking?

In order for you to achieve a good online marketing balance and strategy, it is highly recommended that you start on SEO Campaigns first. Once your website has achieved good online visibility, you may begin setting aside monthly budgets for Social Media advertising to further improve relationship with your current customers.